hello again

Oh goodness. Wasn’t that post from 30 months ago just… adorable? I recall that I totally committed to the capsule wardrobe that summer, but I clearly didn’t commit to the blogging thing 🙂

But here I am… again. Every couple of years I get this itch to write, mostly just for myself. God help me if I ever become sponsored to write blog posts about how I just cannot LIVE without my diet cherry juice / hair vitamins / etc. (you know the ones I’m talking about).

2017 is over, but this blog has a 2007 mission. no bells and whistles, no “influencer” goals – just a good old-fashioned online journal. Look! I even linked all of my favorite bloggers over here on the right –>

For me, writing is a way to help s l o w things down. To capture the moments that matter and actually process how they impact my life, rather than “letting life happen,” as I’ve sometimes done. Things get busy, and life can move so fast. It’s time to slow down, to invest time in myself, and to put all my ADD-driven passions & half-finished projects into a place where I can better explore them as well as my personal growth.

For years, I’ve chastised myself for being too loosey-goosey, too messy, for picking up 100 new interests a year and not finishing things I SWEAR I will do. But who cares? Who CARES if I get super interested in something (ahem: knitting, makeup, crossfit, running, cooking, baking, photography, etc.) only to set it aside after a couple weeks? Isn’t that how we determine what’s important, what things/hobbies/activities are vital to our well-being, and which ones we can go without?

I’m not sure if this makes sense. But essentially, it’s time to let me be myself. Kind of like “Let Bartlet be Bartlet” (West Wing, anybody??).


In 2018, I’m gonna go with the flow. I’m going to follow my passions and see where they take me, rather than beating myself up for not developing a new lifelong habit out of every interest. and I’ll be writing about it here, if only to empty my frazzled little brain and start sleeping better 🙂

P.S. If you did not catch the West Wing reference, please immediately direct yourself here. And enjoy.

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