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hello again

Oh goodness. Wasn’t that post from 30 months ago just… adorable? I recall that I totally committed to the capsule wardrobe that summer, but I clearly didn’t commit to the blogging thing ūüôā

But here I am… again. Every couple of years I get this itch to write, mostly just for myself. God help me if I ever become sponsored to write blog posts about how I just cannot LIVE without my diet cherry juice / hair vitamins / etc. (you know the ones I’m talking about).

2017 is over, but this blog has a 2007 mission. no bells and whistles, no “influencer” goals – just a good old-fashioned online journal. Look! I even linked all of my favorite bloggers over here on the right –>

For me, writing is a way to help s l o w things down. To capture the moments that matter and actually process how they impact my life, rather than “letting life happen,” as I’ve sometimes done. Things get busy, and life can move so fast. It’s time to slow down, to invest time in myself, and to put all my ADD-driven passions & half-finished projects into a place where I can better explore them as well as my personal growth.

For years, I’ve chastised myself for being too loosey-goosey, too messy, for picking up 100 new interests a year and not finishing things I SWEAR I will do. But who cares? Who CARES if I get super interested in something (ahem: knitting, makeup, crossfit, running, cooking, baking, photography, etc.) only to set it aside after a couple weeks? Isn’t that how we determine what’s important, what things/hobbies/activities are vital to our well-being, and which ones we can go without?

I’m not sure if this makes sense. But essentially, it’s time to let me be myself. Kind of like “Let Bartlet be Bartlet” (West Wing, anybody??).


In 2018, I’m gonna go with the flow. I’m going to follow my passions and see where they take me, rather than beating myself up for not developing a new lifelong habit out of every interest. and I’ll be writing about it here, if only to empty my frazzled little brain and start sleeping better ūüôā

P.S. If you did not catch the West Wing reference, please immediately direct yourself here. And enjoy.

My first capsule wardrobe

I started this blog with the intention of building a collection of things that inspire me Рnamely interior decor, beautiful architecture and delicious yet simple food.

I had (and still have) aspirations of feeding my design urges via this little blog, and someday getting my hands dirty – literally – learning the ropes of decorating homes, offices and event spaces.

But underlying my interest in all of those things is really a basic desire to live a simpler life, which is where the minimalist movement comes in, and thus the capsule closet.

To think of myself as a minimalist is laughable. I am a hoarder, a mess, a thrift shopper, a sale rack monster and a procrastinator. Yet¬†deep down inside, there is¬†a Type A, OCD, yoga-practicing, organized¬†zen¬†mama screaming to get out. We argue multiple times a day, and shit is getting real.¬†So I’ve decided to¬†give her some love and let her do her thing. We are exercising more routinely, trying to clean up after ourselves, buying local and USA made goods, and attempting to dress more like a grown-up nearing age 30. She is winning more and more arguments, and she’s wanting a simpler life. So here my capsule challenge is born.

It really is the perfect time to start a capsule wardrobe. I have a new job that is great for many, many reasons Рone of those reasons being that I can wear anything I want. Gone are the Ann Taylor pencil skirts and unflattering blazers that were part of my uniform the first 5 years of my professional life Рyay! Gone also are the numerous pairs of pants that somehow didn’t fit after moving to Texas and regularly indulging in tacos and beer. Whoopsies!

I have embarked on several closet purges over the past six months, including using the KonMari method to sort out and donate unwanted and unloved clothing. Yet I still feel like I have too much, and that I truly could be happy wearing only a small percentage of the items in my closet. More on that in a later post.

I’m not going to document the rules & how-to’s here because I am no expert. But I WILL direct you to a few experts who have inspired me РCourtney Carver of Project333, Caroline Rector of Unfancy and Harben Porter of Thanks, ladies!

So let’s get this party started! Here are my 38¬†items:

IMG_2459 IMG_2457 IMG_2456 IMG_2455 IMG_2454 IMG_2422-COLLAGE

  • 4 short-sleeve¬†tees
  • 2 long-sleeve tees
  • 1 gingham button-down
  • 1 sleeveless floral blouse
  • 1 short-sleeve silk blouse
  • 2 tank tops
  • 2 short sleeve sweaters
  • 3 camisoles
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 cardigan
  • 1 kimono
  • 1 drapey vest
  • 3 pairs of shorts
  • 3 pairs of jeans
  • 1 pair of black pants (not pictured)
  • 2 dresses
  • 1 romper
  • 8 pairs of shoes

Thoughts on obeying the rules

The ladies I referenced above have some great guidelines for creating a capsule wardrobe. I’ve stuck with most of them and feel pretty good about my choices. I may have too many tops and not enough pants/skirts, but we will see how this goes.

Down to the nitty/gritty of what’s included and some scenarios I might face. Most¬†capsule experts seem to agree that you should not count workout clothes, pajamas, swimwear, etc. as part of¬†your capsule wardrobe, so I haven’t.¬†That being said, I work in a very casual office and have occasionally worn yoga¬†pants to work. Those aren’t accounted for in my capsule, and I’m just going to try not to do it.

As for outerwear, thankfully it’s summer in Texas so I don’t need much in the way of jackets¬†or boots. But if I need to wear my rain jacket or rubber boots, I probably will. And if I go out two-stepping I will probably¬†break out the cowboy boots… sue me.

Accessories. I alternate between 5 or 6 different purses and tote bags, and have not accounted for those here. But I did put a couple away so I really only have 4 to choose from. My other accessories include a couple scarves, a belt, and maybe a baseball cap on a bad hair day. And of course a healthy dose of jewelry for each outfit.

Where to go from here?

Most capsule experts plan their wardrobes according to the season, one capsule for winter (Jan-Mar) and so on. I’m kicking my summer capsule off tomorrow and will wear these items thru the end of September.

I will not make any clothing purchases until mid-August, when I start planning my fall capsule. However I will allow myself to break this rule if I find a pair of Birkenstock sandals on sale, because I just need them.

There are so many other things I want to talk about, including closet organization, the things I’ve gotten rid of over the past 6 months, and how capsule wardrobes play a role in a zero-waste lifestyle. But I won’t dive into that quite yet. Stay tuned…

what are we doing here

{wabi-sabi}: the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, or incomplete

about me

just a gal celebrating the beauty of every day life here in the lone star state. a writer, an aspiring designer and proud dog mom. fascinated by history and peeking into people’s windows. on a continuous journey of self discovery and self improvement. obsessed with antiques, ice cream, cowboy boots and resale therapy.

why wabi-sabi?

i believe that beauty is not found in perfection or symmetry but in the spirit of items that evoke an emotional response. i love design that combines history with modern utility.

the plan

a learning process, a collection of projects and ideas. this blog will document the beautiful and rustic sights of texas and my favorite sources for design inspiration, along with some bumbling diy projects and (fingers crossed) first attempts at redecorating for brave friends and family members. this should be fun.